Eco: T-Haus - Modern


It all started when…

Eco Friendly construction is on it’s way to becoming the standard for all new construction. Highly insulated walls and roofs, high efficiency appliances, solar energy, geothermal heating and cooling - these are just a few items that are being developed for our new Eco Friendly Town - Haus.

The design combines both an open floor plan with high efficiency and energy conscious construction.

The typical Wall Construction (R-40 insulation) will consist of: (manufacturer: Build SMART):

2 x 4 wood framing with Spray Foam Insulation.

Air Barrier Structural Sheathing

4” Continuous Exterior Insulation

ZIP Weather Barrier Sheathing

Window FIT System

Triple Glazing / Low E

Ceiling Insulation: R-65


Masonic Temple Renovation



Interior renovation to the 100+ year old structure.


Glenhaven Farm Children's Campground



This classic structure was created to provide shelter for a youth campground. The structure consists of heavy timber framing and trusses with cultured stone, recycled wood barn siding and a standing seam roof.  The site contains well water, solar power and a septic system. 

Located in the shelter are four accessible bathrooms each with it's own shower. A large kitchen and utility room complete the shelter.


Bloom Township Maintenance Facility


chicago heights

A design was  was commissioned by Bloom Township for An 8,000 sf highway maintenance facility located in Chicago Heights.  The facility consisted of three drive thru bays with additional storage between the bays.  2,000 sf of space is dedicated to offices, restrooms and break room.  

The structure is constructed of concrete block and brick with vertical reclaimed wood siding.  The single slope roof will be constructed of steel joists sized to carry the additional weight of a complete solar array system to run the facility.  


Willowbrook Maintenance Facility



(2011 Award Winning  – Project of the Year)

When Tom worked for Williams Architects he was given the opportunity to design a maintenance facility for the Village of Willowbrook.  What came out of the design process was an 8,000 square foot building that wasn’t your typical maintenance facility.  The Village wanted something different and unique yet the building needed to be extremely functional and lasting. The walls are constructed of concrete masonry units both split faced and smooth while steel trusses create the beautiful arched standing seam roof.  The building, laying in the shadow of a 200 foot tall water tower, houses a mezzanine, auto maintenance areas, tool storage, offices, break room, and an interior car / truck wash.

(Williams Architects – 2009)


Senior Recreational Center


glendale heights

This beautiful 10,000 square foot senior center for the Village of Glendale Heights, is a wonderful representation of Tom’s architectural style.  The style is a play of the Modern movement while incorporating softer colors / tones with the horizontality of the Prairie revival that is so prevalent in this part of the country mostly due to the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  The building incorporates a Banquet Hall, Kitchen, Library, Game Room, Arts and Crafts Room, Offices and Salon.

At the time, this building was the driving inspirational force for the redevelopment of the government campus. Tom was working with Williams Architects at the time.

cost: $3,200,000





carmel clay

This water park is an example of Tom's imaginative side. While working at Williams Architects,Tom was given the opportunity to design and work with very talented architects a water park that would be exciting architecturally and for the patrons swimming experience.  The water park is part of a larger complex that includes a large recreation center, lake and various walking trails.

The water park consists of various pools, 3 large water slides, lazy river, changing and locker rooms, concessions, sand play and various other amenities.

(Williams Architects)


A-Len Automotive

downers grove

A-Len automotive had an existing 1980 building and was looking for a face lift. With the help of grants from Downers Grove, A-Len Automotive turned their dated 1980 structure into a show piece for the revitalization of Ogden Ave. The new facade has weather ledgestone, colored EIFS and sleek new overhangs with aluminum cable supports.

The entire site was reworked to allow for new landscape areas and the parking area was resurfaced. New signage was also installed to complete the new look.

Recreation Center



While Tom was employed with CVG Architects he was given the task to design a new recreation facility for a client in the Chicago area.  It was to be a 45,000+ – 3 story recreation center which included an indoor pool, fitness area, locker rooms, multipurpose rooms and offices.  The Prairie style design was a request from the client and is very prominent in the Chicago area.  The prairie style, made famous by Frank Lloyd Wright, brings horizontality and a human perspective to the building.  Its large overhangs help provide shade while still allowing light to enter. Local artist, Ed Tillrock, provided the beautiful artistic renderings.

(Charles Vincent George – 2012)


Palatine Hills Golf Course



The Palatin Hills golf course decided to remodel their existing bar and concessions. While Tom worked at CVG Architects he was commissioned to upgrade the room.  

A new bar, dining area and party area were renovated.

(Charles Vincent George – 2012)


Naperville Fry YMCA



While working with CVG Architects Tom lent his design talents to the Naperville Fry YMCA. The expansion includes a new front entry and information desk, new game area and all purpose area, new family friendly locker rooms, two large daycare rooms.

(Charles Vincent George – 2011)


Lisle Daycare


lisle - daycare

Daycare is about fun for the kids.  That is what we did when I designed the daycare for the Lisle Park District.  We transformed an industrial warehouse into a fun environment for the kids.  It consists of 4 classrooms with toilets, library, kitchen and outdoor play area.

(Williams Architect – 2010)


Hurricane Irma and the Damage..........


It all started when…

Hurricane Irma came thru.  This structure incurred damage from the high winds that included warped structural members, damage roof panels and damaged EIFS.  We are currently assessing the damage to see what we can do to fix it.  More to come.....


Classic Historic Renovation

125 N Hale St - Google Maps-1.jpg

Historic THEATER

This beautiful Historic Theater is in the process of of a revitalization.  New wine bar, restaurant and theater.  More to come.


Fire Station Competition



This exceptional classic design was introduced by Tom, during his time at Williams Architects for a design competition sponsored by the Village of Oswego. The design came about by the idea of celebrating the past while embracing the future.  The proposed 35,000 square foot Fire Station would house modern amenities including 7 vehicle bays, a health room, sleeping quarters, lounge area, kitchen, offices and maintenance area.

(Williams Architects – 2008)