7 Ways You Can De-Clutter Your Home Without Harming the Environment

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 guest blogger: jackie waters



It seems everyone has been talking about tidying up lately. While getting rid of clutter in your home can be therapeutic, you could actually cause harm to the environment if you’re not careful. So, as you let go of the items that no longer bring you happiness, be sure to use these eco-friendly tips to keep them from ending up in the landfill.

Ditch Your Swiffer for a Good Vacuum Cleaner

As HomeAdvisor explains, “When people clean using products and methods that are free of toxic or unsafe materials, and that are safe for the environment and human health, it is called green cleaning.” So, opt for greener options instead of disposable ones, when you are decluttering and cleaning your home to have less of an impact on the environment.

For this and other reasons, a decent vacuum is a much better choice for keeping your home clean once you are done decluttering. While it might seem like overkill, it’s beneficial to have both a regular vacuum and a powerful hand vacuum, the latter of which you can use for quick cleanups. You can save the larger vacuum for once-a-week cleanings, but having both in your arsenal will ensure you’re busting that dust.

Commit to Using Only Non-Toxic Cleaners

By now, you know the virtues of choosing a vacuum over disposable sweepers. However, now it’s time to address the actual cleaners you use in your decluttering efforts. There are several green cleaners you can buy that do a good job of removing dirt, grime, and germs from all sorts of surfaces in your home. But if you really want to know what goes into your cleaners, you can also try making some of your own cleaning recipes.


Don’t Let Your Old Bed Clutter Our Environment

Speaking of pollution problems, did you know that your old mattress can be a source of several forms of pollution? When mattresses sit in landfills, they not only take up space but also have the potential to leach harmful toxins into the air and soil around them. Plus, the size and composition of most mattresses make it difficult to compact or recycle them. As such, you should look into alternative ways to responsibly rid your home of any old mattresses.


What to Do With Those Unwanted Items

If you can’t recycle your bed, how can you responsibly get it out of your home? Well, if your bulky items are still in usable condition, you could either sell them and take advantage of the secondhand economy or use them to make a difference in your community. Participating in the secondhand economy is a great way to unload your stuff and make a few bucks. Alternatively, many nonprofits will come to your home and pick up your household donations, and then put those goods to use. Do your homework to determine whether it’s better to sell or donate your items and whether there are nonprofits who could benefit from these unwanted items.


Store Photos and Documents a Cloud, Not on Paper

If you haven’t organized in a while, you may have stacks of paper scattered around your home. Instead of letting them clutter up your home, put photos into frames and albums, and then scan any leftovers into cloud storage. Cloud storage is more secure for you and more friendly for the environment. Don’t have a scanner? Find a service that will scan those photos for you.


Put a Stop to Wasteful Junk Mail

Paper can also pile up in your mailbox and end up cluttering landfills. Many cities cannot recycle plastic-coated advertisements that come in the form of junk mail. So, the simplest way to cut this clutter out of the environment is to stop it altogether. You may need to opt out of a few advertisements and mail options to completely clear the unwanted mail out of your life, but the sense of liberation at the end will be well worth it.


Save Money and Waste with Paperless Billing

Mailed statements can take a negative toll on the environment as well. You could spend hours shredding those documents and bringing them to a recycling center. Or, you can spend a few minutes signing up for paperless options online. A lot of companies offer discounts to customers who sign up for automatic payments and paperless billing. So, by helping to save the environment, you can also save a little money.

Decluttering your home can be freeing, but not if it is at the cost of the environment. So, choose greener ways to tidy up and clean your home for the ultimate feelings of joy.