Eco: T-Haus - Modern


It all started when…

Eco Friendly construction is on it’s way to becoming the standard for all new construction. Highly insulated walls and roofs, high efficiency appliances, solar energy, geothermal heating and cooling - these are just a few items that are being developed for our new Eco Friendly Town - Haus.

The design combines both an open floor plan with high efficiency and energy conscious construction.

The typical Wall Construction (R-40 insulation) will consist of: (manufacturer: Build SMART):

2 x 4 Recycled wood framing

Spray Foam Insulation R-20

Air Barrier Structural Sheathing

4” Continuous Exterior Insulation R-20

ZIP Weather Barrier Sheathing

Window FIT System

Triple Glazing / Low E

The roof will be insulated with both bat insulation and rigid continuous roof insulation on the roof deck.