Great Miami Rowing Club


It all started when…

Size: 21,000 sq. ft.
Estimated Cost: $8,750,000
Type: New Construction
Services: Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Technology, Interiors, Civil, Landscape Architecture

The Great Miami River runs majestically thru downtown Hamilton, Ohio and there is a revitalization along the river front.

TES Architects latest in house design project is a new home for the Great Miami Rowing Club. Their new state of the art facility will include a 2,700 sf fitness area, 2,200 sq of boat storage and a 3,200 sf , 14 person indoor rowing pool. The remaining structure will consist of a new restaurant and retail stores.

Once constructed, the proposed structure will be the LEED certified in concert with the multi use structure “The Spark”. The structure will be powered by 50% by hydro power and 50% solar power.

This is an existing site located on the Great Miami River in downtown Hamilton, Ohio. The river front was never developed for public enjoyment through out its history. It was mainly encompased by various paper mills that were a vital part to the growth of the town. The new Spooky Nook Sports complex is currently under construction just down the street located in one of the old paper mills. Along with the new Spooky Nook Sports Complex the new Great Miami Rowing Center would be a wonderful addition to the Hamilton River Front.